Governance Assessment in Health and HIV/AIDS Care Delivery 

Governance is critical especially in developing countries and in particular, local government institutions where health systems are often underperforming due to lack of investment, poor design and weak management practices. As part of governance assessment we conduct research to assess governance levels and help to identify gaps which constrain health and HIV/AIDS care delivery and overall health system performance to optimum capacity. Our research work involves population based surveys, health facility surveys,organizational capacity assessments (OCAs), shadow reporting on performance of the health sector, client assessments, systematic reviews, community score cards etc.


Health Policy Analysis and Impact Assessment

Considering that any new policy might have positive, negative or unknown impacts, understanding its impact from the governance perspective is critical for policy makers and the people who are likely to be affected by the policy. We conduct policy analysis and health impact assessments to identify enablers and barriers in promotion of public health from the health governance perspective. Based on the analyses made we advise our clients on the likely implications and necessary changes before policy or action is rolled out through policy brief.


Health and HIV/AIDS Expenditure Assessments (HETS/NASA)

We conduct Health and HIV/AIDS expenditure assessments.  This is done through health expenditure tracking surveys to help monitor the level of allocated resources in central government and donor budgets that reach the sub-national level and the associated time taken to reach recipients and the extent to which they are distributed efficiently. Health expenditure trucking also helps us to measure the effectiveness of transfers of public and donor funds among the different levels of government. We are also skilled in using innovative tools such as score cards, to establish citizens’ satisfaction with services resulting from health expenditures.


Capacity Building for Enhanced Governance and Management of Health Care

We clearly understand the nuances of local governance processes and our Consultants have wide experience in local government work. Our main focus is provision of technical expertise to decentralized health systems and other development programs in order to help the local government institutions improve governance and management and increase their capacity and performance in health care and other program.

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ECSA has the experience and technical skills to deliver assignments

We are a consortium of both local and international experts working together to deliver a wide range of quality and affordable professional services in various aspects including strengthening of governance, leadership and management of health and HIV/AIDS care and other socio-economic development programs.

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Our Company Mission
 To be a leading technical advisory group providing expertise in governance and management of health and HIV/AIDS care systems and other socio-economic development programs in the Eastern Central and Southern Africa region.
The ECSA Philosophy
Strengthening Governance, Leadership and management for improved Health Care and other socio-economic development programs.
The ECSA Promise
To use a multidisciplinary team of experts to support central and local governments and other agencies in ECSA region to plan and manage efficiently and sustainably health and HIV/AIDS care delivery systems and other socio-economic development programs.
We serve as a national knowledge hub and Resource Centre providing appropriate resource materials, publications and tools to facilitate customized leadership development and promote good governance. Accordingly, the firm provides technical support to develop various governance resources and tools which are responsive to the requirements of good governance and can facilitate effective organizational design and development.
We offer consultancy services to develop human and institutional capacities to enhance service delivery systems, program performance and professional capacity. Technical support is provided in personnel policy development, job analysis, recruitment, performance appraisal, organizational development, leadership and change management, team building and advisory services on governance structures and systems, codes of ethics, and performance modeling. We also assess core competencies for staff and help to develop appropriate human resources organizational structure for individual organizations.
We offer consultancy services in monitoring and evaluation of Health Care Systems and others socio-economic development programmes and projects as well support supervision for on-going donor funded projects. We help our clients succeed with projects and programs from design to implementation, help to track performance as well as assess final outcomes. Where necessary the firm assists in the redesign of the implementation process and redirecting of efforts and resources as needed to maximize impact.

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